Create a booking

Looking for a qualified expert?

Just create a WorkGenius booking and list out all your needs. We’ll make sure the right candidates are automatically
matched to your requirements.

Here’s how it works

Open your WorkGenius account, click on create project in the menu on the left and select Book a Genius

Enter all relevant information for your project:

  1. What field do you want your freelancer to specialize in?¹
  2. Give your booking a compelling title that encourages freelancers to find out more
  3. Describe as clearly as possible what you’re looking for, what requirements the freelancer needs to fulfill, and what areas you’d like to discuss with them. For more tips and tricks see our knowledge database
  4. Enter the core skills that you’re looking for, with a maximum of 3 skills. The fewer you enter, the more likely you are to get matches
  5. Enter additional skills (if relevant)²
  6. Select the experience level that your freelancer needs to have
  7. Enter the time(s) you expect the freelancer to be available to work on your project. You can always adjust this later, including extending or shortening the duration of the project
  8. Specify if you want your freelancer to work remotely, on-site, or a hybrid of both. Note: In most cases, our freelancers would expect to work remotely
  9. Any project you set up remains active for 4 weeks as a standard, and the freelancer would be expected to start as soon as possible. You can adjust these settings as needed
  10. Click continue. Now it’s time enter the rate you think is right for the project. There’s also an option for the freelancer to give individual feedback regarding the proposed rate
  11. Click continue to acknowledge that in the event that you book one of our freelancers, you would be required to pay for their services

¹If you’re not sure, just select “other”

²If the skills you’re looking for aren’t listed, contact your Customer Success Manager


The WorkGenius Matching algorithm is set up to identify highly qualified experts within our database. Freelancers that express an interest in your project would apply and then receive an email notification to that effect.


You can always change the details of your booking at any time.

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