Definition of user roles

On the WorkGenius platform you can define roles for the users of your organization. This way you can set the level of access each role is allowed to have, depending on your needs.

Each role has different access privileges according to the following 5 criteria:  

  • Page access rights 

  • Ability to invite other users 

  • User-permission management  

  • Organizational unlocking 

  • Viewing restricted cost centers


Currently there are 4 roles on the WorkGenius platform: 


The owner can edit the organization's billing information, add and remove members, and manage the organization's profile. Each organization can have only one owner. 


Administrators, or admins, can add and remove users, and manage the organization's profile. They also have access to the financial overview. 


Members can use the platform but are not allowed to invite new members, change the organization settings, or view the financial overview. 

PR reviewer 

PR reviewers can only view and review payment requests. 


The following table contains a detailed description of all available roles: 

  Owner Admin Member PR reviewer
Which pages can be accessed?  All All All but cost centers and organizations settings  Payment Requests only 
Can invite other organization users?   Yes Yes No No
Can change roles of other users?  Yes No No No
Can initiate the Organization by confirm billing information?  Yes No No No
Can access all cost centers regardless of settings?  Yes Yes No No