The best way to apply for bookings

We have a few tips to help you choose the perfect booking.   

Getting started 

With WorkGenius you can find your next great assignment with just a few clicks.  

  • First, visit your WorkGenius account 
  • On the left side, you will find a navigation bar with the categories Opportunities and Finances  
  • Under the category Opportunities, you will find the item "Find an opportunity"  
  • Selecting this will show you available projects that match your skills and hourly rate 
  • To display more jobs, just delete the skills (and if necessary, hourly rate) filters 

Finding out if you’re a good fit 

If you see a booking that appeals to you, ask yourself the following questions:  

  • Do the required skills match my skills?   

  • Do additional skills apply?   

  • Do I have the desired work experience?   

  • Am I available for the intended start date?   

  • Do I have the bandwidth to perform the work, in the desired period?   

  • Sometimes a client wants someone on-site, or at least on a hybrid work model–does that arrangement suit me? 

It is important that you read the brief carefully and consider whether you fit the profile the client is looking for. It’ll save you and everyone else a lot of time. 

Do you meet all the requirements?  

If you have found a suitable assignment, you can send a non-binding application via the “Yes I’m interested!” button. Afterwards there are 2 ways to proceed:  

  1. You can contact the client directly via the chat function.  
  2. Or, you can submit an application and wait for the client to get back to you. If you choose this option, you would receive the following message:  

"Your application is currently being reviewed. Thank you for applying for this booking, our internal team will review it and forward it to the client, right away."    

You would then have to wait until the client reaches out to you. 

Create a compelling profile that highlights your skills and experience  

The more information customers have about you and your professional abilities, the easier it is for them to make a hiring decision.  

Make sure your profile communicates a little bit of your personality, so stay away from generic statements and try and make it unique. Use the free text field to add additional relevant information about yourself.  To individualize your profile even more, you can add an avatar, a logo or your photo. You can also add additional relevant links, including your CV.  

Be creative–your WorkGenius profile is your passport to better jobs! 

Your applications   

Once you have applied for a booking, you can view that booking with the status "Applied" next to it in the tab bar on the left side–under My Bookings. If you want to adjust your application, for example the start date or proposed hourly rate, you can also do that here. 

As soon as a collaboration begins, the status will change to "Working". If you have several applications or active bookings, you can see all of them listed here.  

You can also track bookings that have already been completed.