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Why work with my clients through WorkGenius?

Your client wants to work with through WorkGenius. What’s in it for you? Why create yet another account and change a process that has worked well in the past? The answer is simple.

The benefits of working with WorkGenius will change your freelance life.

We don’t need to tell you: being a freelancer has its perks. Freedom is one, and the potential of earn good money is another. But you’re also responsible for all your own administrative work–and that can get tedious. Finding clients, negotiating and chasing payments, accounting, taxes…to name just a few. WorkGenius spares you all that. We employ cutting-edge technology to reduce the amount of administrative work to let you focus on one thing: work–nothing else. 

4 reasons why WorkGenius is the perfect solution for you

  1. Easy project handling: We’ve created an easy-to-use interface that lets you keep track of all that matters: your clients, projects, to-dos, account balance and project history. We even update your resume automatically!
  2. Direct payment: receive your payments within 24 hours of client approval–regardless of the payment terms you agreed. We even handle the invoicing automatically
  3. Contract Management: no additional contractual paperwork needed. By accepting our general terms when you sign up, everything’s taken care of in the background.
  4. Precision recruitment: Thanks to our advanced AI systems, we only show you projects and bookings that exactly match your skills and experience. That way, you won’t need to constantly be on the lookout for your next opportunity. Qualified clients with interesting and well-paid projects will be sitting in your queue, waiting for you to say yes!

Here’s how it works


If you need assistance, your freelancer support team are here to help. 

Just send a message to talent@workgenius.com.