Why should I manage my freelancer network with WorkGenius?

"Bring your own Freelancer" lets you hire freelancers that you’ve worked with before, and bring them into your WorkGenius workforce. 

Here are 3 reasons why that’s a smart idea

  1. Single Platform: you can manage all your freelancers in one place and on a single interface. All coworkers in your organization, across different departments, can also tap into that workforce whenever they need to.
  2. Easy requisitions: create freelancer teams and reach out to them directly. This enables you to tap a deep talent pool. Say goodbye to the days of back-and-forth emails and missed calls!
  3. Time-savings: Your WorkGenius account contains all timesheets for all the freelancers you have ever worked with. This gives you the advantage of a synchronized payment process without having to manually check every invoice. Then, you simply review freelancer timesheets and pay them with a single click. 

It’s no wonder WorkGenius can help reduce your overhead by up to 90%!